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Дом 2: Hell on Earth
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Biotex Ukraine Feedback - 15.01.2019 NEWS!!!
Good morning anyone. The team of journalists searched many clients, which BioTexCom deceived. We managed to searc dissatisfied clients. We are deceived clients of BioTexCom organization of reproductive medicine. When was the innovated occasion with them, when organization diddled people, we desire to write as much reviews as it possible and to help them. We did a splendid work and search many of evidence of negative feedback of clinic BioTexCom. All of them you could search in Internet on request "biotexcom reviews". We decided to support them and help them. With our columnist help, fewer humanity will turn to deceivers.
Below you should find data from man who have fallen in situations, which were bound with BioTexCom services.
They asked columnists to support them. Oliver and Jane help them and in team we are searching information and reviewed it. With suggest columnist assistance they compose this story. Thanks for the support Oliver and Jane.
When young families havent posibilities to have children, they approach to the surrogacy companies. Many of them are placed in Eastern Europe. One of the prominent reproductive medicine firms is BioTexCom. There are a lot of people in Poland, who use cater for of them. If to examine biotexcom surveys, is it possible to find some of privative researches.
Last time this clinic became known cause of they don't use DNA one of people. This company makes many of operation without required circumstances. A lot of humans from Spain, Slovak Republic, Slovenia are visit Ukraine and pick up children.
You can view information from Cecilia Rizzika, who is Italian advocate. He see that at first his clients in 2010 come to BioTexCom and visit agency. At firm medic provided a surrogate mother, who will impregnate with the semen of the future parent, but cum was not keep on. About this future mom get evidence after DNA test. Cost of operation was 30.000 euros.
Likewise one of the cases consisted in baby who were taken to The Republic of Poland and Romania. In Ukraine a criminal base has been society for the clinic. Also was founded information that a lot of babies were conceived from invalid mothers who obtain a diagnostic of "infertility 1 degree".
According to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine BioTexCom is working in 2 large cities of Ukraine. They find any persons who need cash and sumbit them. A lot of employers of clinic are working in the capital of Ukraine in Kirovograd. The second city is one of the most depressive areas all over the country. But penal group, organized by a citizen of Moldova and Germany didnt defray money duties a lot of months. In Italian land any of persons know BioTexCom very good. This firm is being debate at forums. More data you can also search about this furnishings at link here [url=] Biotexcom: full review [/url].
Organization however use fearful conditions. In 2012 Maria from Vinnitsa suggested for the program of motherhood and became ill with hepatitis B. As she shown, every time she asked about reward and under the contact firm need to pay her 200 EUR every month for existence, vitamins, medical supplies. For every period of childbearing, she should to obtain 1200 euros. All this money young Maria didnt accept. When later Italian family come to young woman, medics said that she has issues with pregnancy and it is necessary to pay 8000 euros and to model investigation. Also, how later young girl found out, this kind of research wasnt necessary to do. Further this in 24 weeks young mom have another issues with her health. Girl provided information: I come to medics in hospital and doctors said that I have disease. About this story you should also read more at [url=] Biotexcom Opinion [/url].
Today some of humans all over the world know that they cant believe to the BioTexCom company. A lot of customers who used services of this company dont advice to use services of BioTexCom. In company are working rogues. Our estimate of clinic job  1/10 points.  All people need be sure, that this firm works as inequitable organization. You should however to know that in firm are working a lot of technical specialists who deleted a lot of recalls. We wish to give you advice. Never use services of BioTexCom if you dont want to be connected with criminal or other issues.
Now BioTexCom is one of the biggest organizations. Virtually, narrow-profile firms in Ukraine dont allow to do the same things. The basic reason  they trace of their reputation and dont desire minus it. Furthermore we advise to explore and inspect papers in international media, which we are searching. There you should find judgments and guilt from Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and opinions from other humans about this firm.
However we are finding critiques from administrators who were worked in BioTexCom. We are finding doctors who were worked in BioTexCom. They confirm that clinic use different ways to fool people all over the world. They also said that specialists dont care about clients health.
1.Medical staff is not officially employed. Actually they asked doctors from other clinics to do the procedure.
2.This serve doesnt have enough medical facilities. Any doctors need to do operations by their hands. Its unusual.
3.Maintain which value is $39.000 doesnt define the sex of the child. Also other specialists do it for free and should say needful data.
4.In videos which are shown for customers BioTexCom people could see elite apartments. Its not true.
5.Also specialists of BioTexCom said they are whole maternity hospital. In fact, they are renting 2 improved wards in the city enterprise Kyiv Maternity Hospital 3. And in the film managers exaggerate and show this state institution as their clinic.
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